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Welcome!  We are happy to have you as our guests. If we have met before, we are glad to see you again. If this is your first visit, we hope that it will be enjoyable & that you return. Please be sure look over the rules on this page.

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All sites include some form of shade, trees, grass, and  fire pit. (Do not move fire pits). Picnic tables are in the center of the park for everyone to use.  We all love neighbors but we don't want to be on top of them. Our sites are over 100ft long and over 50ft wide. Plenty of room for the largest RV and space to  roam

Full Hook-ups

We offer full hook-ups with 20/30/ 50 amp electric, water and sewer. We do offer dry sites without hook-ups for those RV's that are self efficient. We do have a place to dump on your departure.


Open 24 hours, please accompany young children into restrooms.
Restrooms/Shower house and laundry room are under construction, will be completed in the spring of 2024, we will update once completed.



Coin operated laundry is open 24 hours. Please DO NOT wash/dry rugs or shoes. Laundry room is under construction, we will update once completed


We do have FREE internet access if you bring along your wireless device(s). The Wi-Fi  access code will be provided at check-in. Wi-Fi is for recreational use, if you need Wi-Fi for work, we suggest going with your own mobile Wi-Fi with Air 360, Direct TV, or other similar services.

Pets are ALWAYS welcome here!

Bring your fur babies with you. Please pick up after your pet. Waste bags goes into the black loose trash bins, DO NOT PLACE IN THE WHITE TRASH BINS MARKED BAG TRASH ONLY. Please keep your pets on a lease at all times, thank you.

To ensure the safety and comfort of all our guests, we ask that you please review our park rules and regulations. By accepting the reservation with Tranquility RV Park you are agreeing to ALL the rules, regulations, release of liability, disclaimer, indemnification and reservations of rights. 

  • Check-in is at 2pm. If you like to check in earlier please call us at 913-535-8648 to see if your spot is vacant, if it is you are welcome to check in early. Checkout is at 12 noon.
  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR BLACK TANK VALVE OPEN! This causes sewer backups in our sewer system as well your RV septic system, improper flow, and unpleasant odor from your camper. Let your tanks fill up at least 50% before you dump your tanks, this will allow adequate flow to drain your tanks through your and our sewer system. All plumbing costs for clogs will be pass to the customer for improper draining. Please see the camp host for instructions on how to properly empty you holding tanks, we will be happy to help you.
  • Once the restrooms are completed (spring of 2024), they will be open 24 hours accessible via an access code. Do not share this with anyone even if you think they are staying here. Guests can get the access code from the camp host. Accompany children into the restroom and laundry room.
  • Quiet time is at 10pm nighty. Please respect your neighbors and the neighbors around you. NO MUSIC WITH OBSCENE OR VULGAR LANGUAGE. You will be given one warning on this. If the violation continues your stay will be terminated with no refund.
  • We love pets, but do not enjoy stepping in there mess, this rule is STRICTLY enforced. Please pick up after your pets and keep them on a leash while outside your dwelling. 
  • No structures can be built. This includes be not limited to sheds, stairs, fences, wood around your dwelling or any permanent structure. Winterizing skirts are allowed during temperatures below freezing. Temporary folding dog fence to keep your pet enclosed in your area is allowed.
  • Your RV/Travel Trailer must be kept clean and presentable. Must be newer then 10 years, if it is older or a retro trailer please send a current dated picture of your actual RV to support@trvpk.com or text a picture to 913-535-8648 prior to making a reservation. Tires must be inflated and cannot be on jack stands. All vehicles must be in running condition including your motorhome if you staying in one. No major mechanic work is allowed on the property. Management has the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Please do not move the firepit. The firepits were place where the fire department marked them for safely. No fires are allowed when there is 15+ MPH wind. Keep the fire contained within the firepit. No fires outside of the firepit is allowed.
  • Smoking is allowed on the property, DO NOT throw your cigarette butts on the ground. This rule is STRICTLY enforced and WILL lead to termination of your stay. Place butts in the trash.
  • Place trash in the trash bin and make sure lids are closed. DO NOT PLACE LOOSE TRASH AND DOG WASTE BAGS IN THE WHITE TRASH BINS, PLACE THESE ITEMS IN THE BLACK LOOSE TRASH BINS, THEY ARE CLEARLY MARKED. Do not leave trash outside of trash bin as this will attract critters.
  • For the safety of everyone, please obey the speed limit of 5 MPH while driving through the RV Park. Children may be playing or riding there bicycles or guests might be walking there pets. Keep an eye out for them. 
  • Limit of 2 vehicles plus your RV/Travel Trailer per site is permitted. Park in your spot, do not park in another spot even if the spot is vacant. If someone is parked in your spot, please see the camp host to have the vehicle moved.
  • No Leaky hoses. If you need a hose seal for your water hose please see the camp host for one. These are complimentary and kept on hand. This will help save water and keep our prices low. Continue violation of this will lead to a $50.00 fine and up to termination of your stay.
  • If you are going to be away from your RV/Travel Trailer for a period of time set your A/C to a higher temperature so it does not run constantly, recommended 85-90 degrees Fahrenheit while you are away for the day. You will receive a violation notice if your A/C is running none stop and you are not there. Will lead up to a $50.00 fine on the 3rd notice.
  • Monthly tenants are responsible for cleaning out there firepits and sweeping there pads while staying at the RV park. Ash container and ash shovel can be provided. Violation notice will be giving daily for not complying and will lead up to a $50.00 fine on the 3rd notice.
  • NO SOLICITING OR ADVERTISING for personal or business reasons. This includes signs with writing or symbols of representation with certain meanings.
  • RENT INCREASE: RESORT agrees to supply me with written notification of any rent increase at least 15 days prior to my next payment due. Rent may be adjusted at any time if taxes or utilities increase or decrease.
  • RECOVERY OF UNPAID BILLS: GUEST acknowledges that RESORT is hereby given a lien upon RV and Vehicles listed in this agreement to secure all site rental fees, repairs, hardware, materials, labor or services rendered to or supplied to GUEST during the terms of this Agreement. Any item left on RESORT’s property 15 days beyond the expiration of this Agreement will be offered for public sale to cover site rental charges.
  • DAMAGE/CLEANING DEPOSIT: I authorize RESORT to use my Damage/Cleaning deposit to repair damage caused by me or to clean my site. Any remaining balance will be mailed to me within 5 days after my departure date ONLY if I leave a mailing address. If I do not leave a mailing address, I forfeit any remaining balance.
  • PERSONAL PROPERTY: I agree to release all interests and claims to ownership and possession to all personal property remaining on the site, or on RESORT’s grounds, at 12:00 PM (noon) the day following termination of this Agreement. I agree that said left personal property shall become the property of RESORT immediately and, as such, RESORT, at its discretion, shall have the right to dispose of said personal property within twenty-four (24) hours.
  • LIABILITY: The use of RESORT’s facilities is at the user’s own risk. RESORT’s guests are responsible for their visitors. RESORT assumes no responsibility or liability for the safety and security of RV tenants/campers/visitors. RESORT is not responsible for loss or damage to RV tenants’ or camping guests’ property due to theft, vandalism, fire, weather, blown over trees or fallen tree limbs, any casualty, or act of God. Registered guests and all other users of this property expressly assume all risk of such loss or damage and must carry their own insurance.
  • DISCLAIMER: RESORT provides its services, including but not limited to its sites, utilities, and amenities on an “”as is”" basis and makes no representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied. By staying at or using RESORT’s facilities, you agree to these terms and that under no circumstances will RESORT be liable for direct, indirect, incidental or any other type of damages resulting from your use of any part of the resort. This includes, but is no way limited to, loss or injury caused in whole or in part by our negligence or things beyond our control.
  • INDEMNIFICATION: RV tenant and/or camping guest shall indemnify and hold harmless RESORT, its officers, and employees from all claims, liability, and expenses, including but not limited to attorney and other professional fees, for injury to persons, loss of life, or damage to property arising out of the tenant’s exercise of his rights hereunder.
  • RESERVATION OF RIGHTS: Tranquility RV Park is private property. RESORT reserves the right to amend these rules without prior notice to residents or guests. RESORT, at its discretion, reserves the right to refuse entry on the resort to any person and to evict current guests without a refund. RESORT also reserves the right to refuse to accommodate current and returning guests that have violated our rules and regulations and /or have vacated the resort without paying all fees. RV tenants understands that there is no prorated refunds for early departures.

Asked Questions

The spots are pretty large, it is recommended that you have a 50ft water hose.

Electic water and sewer is included. We do ask for you to be water smart and conserve electricity so we can keep the prices low for our guest.

We do not have a set day to mow the RV park. We mow on an as needed basis

Yes alcohol is allowed at the RV Park. We do ask that you please be respectful of others around you, and children that my be outside. Please use common sense when it comes to alcohol. NO DRUGS ALLOWED!

We have some nice local places to visit in Easton. Please see our attraction page here for a list of local places.

Our sites are very large. We do not have a size limit or slide out restriction for your RV or Travel Trailer.

Yes! Heartland Mobile RV Repair is local and provides service for your RV right here at the park. They are RVTAA certified. Click here for there number and to visit there website here. Visit them on our attractions page here. You can call them at 913-845-3154

Tranquility Rv Park
201 S 1st Street , Easton, KS 66020